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Roadside Stand

Hours of Operation


We have calves you can see and pet but our

petting zoo is ONLY during Fall Fest

There is NO smoking anywhere

on our property!

smysers farm 15.jpg
smysers farm 15.jpg

We have flowers:

Porch Pots

Hanging Baskets

Flower Arrangements

Vegetable Plants. 

Largest Pumpkin Competition:

Purchase a pumpkin from our roadside stand, signing up with your name and email address or phone number.  Grow your pumpkin as large as possible and then bring it back for a weigh off the first weekend of Fall Fest here at Smyser's Farm.

We will email you tips and websites to research for ideas to help you grow your pumpkins as large as possible.


We have :

Cracked Corn

50lb - $10/bag 

Shelled Corn

42lb - $8/bag

Ear Corn

35lb - $8/bag

The bags are

approximate weight.

Straw $5/bale


$6/bale (1st cutting)

$7/bale (2nd cutting)

Round Bales 4x4 $55 (1st cutting)

Neck Pumpkins

$1 - $3

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